Save Money On Your Food Shopping

Top 5 food shopping tips

Never shop on an empty stomach
Have you ever heard the phrase “your eyes are bigger than your belly”? Well the same thing applies when you are doing the weekly food shop. When you shop on an empty stomach you tend to spend a lot more money on food than you would’ve normally done whilst shopping on a full stomach. You tend to buy more convenience foods too, the psychology behind this is that your brain is telling you, you need food fast, this triggers off the correlation between the pre-prepared foods and easing your hunger pangs. 먹튀검증

Write a shopping list
Not only must you write a shopping list when thinking about your weekly shop, but make sure you stick to the list too. If you follow this simple rule, deviation from the original list won’t occur. When we go shopping we can tend to get carried away and buy more food than we need.

Set out a seven day meal plan
Another good way to save money on food is to think a list of meals for the whole week, this will include breakfast, lunch/packed lunch, dinner and snacks. Once you have compiled this list work out the quantities of ingredients for each meal (it is sometimes preferable to thinks of meals which have similar ingredients and cook them on consecutive days). If you follow these steps I guarantee you will save money. Give it a go it’ll only take you about 1 hour and it’ll be definitely worth it.

Collect coupons
We get enough of these damn things through our letter boxes each year. So why not use them to your advantage? Most people just put them straight in the bin, but, if you keep them there are some great savings to be had, especially with the “two for the price of one” offers. C’mon what have you got to lose?

Buy economy pre-packaged meat
If you must buy pre-packaged meat, then a good tip is to buy the economy brands. This may go against your principles, but trust me. The reason why you should buy economy brands is because more than likely they would’ve came from the same factory and abattoir as the branded products. I’ve worked in production industry for a few years and I’ve witnessed this phenomenon first hand.

Once the batch of, say, economy meat has been packaged they’ll stop the machines and load them with the branded packaging. Then they’ll turn the conveyor belts back on, and carry on using the same meat. The only slight difference is that the quality control levels are slightly higher on the branded produce (but not by much), because they don’t want to “lose the order”.