Plan Safari Holidays For a Spectacular Experience

Safari Holidays in any African country is something you will never forget! The word Safari means journey in Swahili and it is a journey which you will love and enjoy if you are lucky enough to experience it.

There are almost 15 countries where you could go on a desert safari dubai in Africa. The goal of this kind of holiday is to see wildlife in their natural habitat combined with glimpses of scenic grandeur and native culture which makes it a very unique holiday experience.

Arranging a Safari holiday in any African country is very convenient these days, as there are reliable travel websites which organise every detail of your trip in efficient and cost effective ways. Right from your stay at beautiful resorts, your guides and your itinerary is taken care of to make your trip unforgettable and enjoyable when you see the best that Africa has to offer.

Deciding Where You Want To Go

You Can Select Among The Various Places You Wish To Go On Safari Holidays.

* Kenya Safari
* Tanzania Safari
* Botswana Safari
* South African Safari

Each of these places has unique options which are native to that country. Kenya is famous for the Masai Mara game reserve and a popular holiday destination famous for combining the ‘big five’ wildlife viewing experience and beautiful scenery. Botswana is well known for being scenically beautiful with wildlife in natural habitats, not restricted to parks.

South Africa Safari

South Africa is one of the top holiday hotspot destinations in the world.

Home to the largest game reserves, it has the world famous Kruger National Park. You will love the beautiful landscapes and the dramatic mountains, rolling grasslands and deep forests. The Eastern Cape has family friendly safaris in Greater Addo National Park, Shamwari and several “Big 5” game reserves.

You Will Find Amazing Options Of Safaris Designed For All Kinds Of Travellers.

* Camping Safaris – Suitable for those who can stay in dome tents and get close to nature for a real wildlife experience.
* Fly In Safaris – Where you can reach your destinations directly allowing maximum time on your Safari.
* Self Drive Safaris – This is customized to individual choice of locations and travel at their own pace.
* Rail Safari – You experience the glamour of rail travel combined with Safari which is spectacular.
* Day Safaris And Tours – All popular destinations are visited and you can select a full or half day trip.
* Family Safari – A family friendly experience with fun for all.
* Overland Safari – This is an economical and enjoyable way to experience a beautiful holiday.
* Honeymoon Safari – Tailor made options for couples ensuring privacy, luxury and enjoyment.

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is a beautiful land with spectacular landscapes, especially Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free-standing mountain. There is also Ngorongoro which is the largest crater in the world, teeming with wildlife. Tanzania is one of the world’s greatest safari destinations where you can experience an unparalleled selection of wildlife, birds and flora.

There are a variety of safaris to choose from – budget, mid range and luxury and can be designed to suit families as well. You can choose Safaris that combine four parts of the country or go to Serena Serengeti Safari or the Ngorongoro Conservation Area into the beautiful Bush country. See wildebeest, zebras, elephants, rhinos, oryx, buffalos, Africa’s big cats and birds of prey!

When you are ready for an adventurous and enjoyable holiday, choose Safari Holidays which undoubtedly promises adrenalin rushing, thrilling, colourful experience which you will enjoy and love.