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Isabelle Zehnder, Founder and President of the Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse (CAICA) is announcing she is expanding. She has recently founded Positive Family Solutions, LLC to provide Professional Child, Teen, and Parent Coaching services. Isabelle will continue to serve families and the public through her advocacy work with CAICA.

Most recently, Isabelle coached a distraught mother and her daughter. The mother called Isabelle after finding her website, She felt she was being pressured into making a hasty decision and appreciated Isabelle’s advice to “take a breath” and be sure she had fully researched the industry to determine whether or not her daughter truly needed to be placed into residential treatment. After some discussions and research she realized the issues were not insurmountable and that she could most likely work this out at home with the help of coaching and local group therapy for ther daughter. After coaching her and her daughter, Isabelle received the following e-mails:

“Your insight is empowering. I had no idea this industry (behavioral boarding schools etc.) even existed until I recently started looking for help for my daughter. It’s unbelievable how many programs are out there & how many kids are in them. The thought of it not being regulated is very scary. I have decided at this point to seek as much help as possible for my daughter while she remains at home. I have also come to realize that the constant conflict between us isn’t getting us any where so I am trying to let go & let her learn some life lessons on her own … I would be “very” interested in your service to help us to communicate better. I do feel as though most of our problems are based on lack of communication. I also know that my daughter has serious issues with abandonment since her father moved 3,000 miles away.”

She most recently received this e-mail:

“It was really great talking to you! You have helped put things into perspective for me. It is a very difficult decision but knowing that there are people like you out there who only have the kids best interest at heart takes away the fear of the unknown about programs & the process. And reminding me to take a deep breath & not make rash decisions was just what I needed to hear & I am following your advise. You were very instrumental in getting me through probably the most difficult time I have had as a parent & I will always be grateful that our paths crossed. It would have been so sad if I sent her to a boarding school & lost this time with her all because of an abusive boyfriend.”

Isabelle has spent the past three years researching and reporting child abuse, neglect, and deaths in residential treatment facilities and other residential programs for children and teens. She put together the most comprehensive website on the topic, She was awarded the TASH Award in Excellence for Public Service in 2006 and was recently asked to serve on the TASH Public Policy Committee. She has also been asked to speak at their 2007 conference.

Isabelle has spent the past three years finding out what is wrong – she believes it is time to see what she can do to make it right!

Isabelle knows she cannot possibly do this alone. She is a team player who believes it will take a group of dedicated individuals to effect change. She has collaborated with a team of professionals who are putting together a comprehensive program to serve children with disabilities and/or behavioral issues and their families.

Isabelle recently met with Rose Moore of ADHD Child Advocate Services who will work together and with other professionals to provide quality services for these children and their families. Each of these professionals are currently working to assist families – they will now join together to provide a complete wrap-around program that will see children with disabilities and/or behavioral issues through the entire process from evaluation to reintegration.

It is their goal to provide a complete wrap-around program that will see children with disabilities and/or behavioral issues through the entire process. They will then provide their professional services to evaluate the child and to work with the families, the school districts, and the judicial system to ensure each child is provided the best possible services he or she needs and deserves. If issues arise where a child is not receiving the services necessary the professional team will work together to advocate for the child in the school and court systems. best LLC services 2021

It is our goal to avoid unnecessary placement into residential treatment settings whenever possible. Because school districts, therapists, and the court system are quick to refer children to residential treatment, and because parents are finding themselves at their wits’ end and unable to cope, our team of professionals will work to provide viable options to work with the child within the school system and their home environment whenever possible. We believe placement into residential treatment settings should be the last option after exhausting all other remedies.

Our team provides a wide array of services for the child and his or her family. We advocate for children with disabilities, weaving our way through the school and legal systems to be sure the child receives the services he or she needs, while Isabelle provides Parent, Child, and Teen Coaching to help families through the process.