Sell Used Books Online and Get More Money to Buy More Books to Read

A book lover’s happiness lies in reading books, lots of them. If you can read through a paperback pretty quickly, you can also drain your wallet trying to satisfy this hunger to read. I know of some people who can actually fill a whole room with books. It will reach a point wherein they will have to unload some of them to make room for more. Unless you plan to open a library or donate them to one, you can actually earn money if you sell used books online. This is a good chance to share what you have already read through with another book lover out there. It can also make money for you so that you can continue to purchase more material to read.


There are a couple of reputable websites that are popular with readers who buy second hand books. One of them is which can produce fairly quick sales for you. You can also sell used books online on Amazon. It can be competitive selling on popular websites like these but there are ways to ensure a higher rate of sales by choosing the ideal time and day of the week to list your books. These techniques are followed by people who usually get to sell 100% of their listings.

You can also host your own site if you plan to make this a full time business. That will generate more income for you, especially if you will be selling rare books or other books that are in demand. Selling second hand books on the internet can generate anywhere between a 3 to 6 figure income every month depending on how well you run and promote your website.